V.M. Arora & Company is a Chartered Accountancy Firm, established since 1986 with the wide range of services in the ever growing dynamic economic environment of India.
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    Our Team  
We have an experienced and professionally focused team, which is dedicated to provide efficient services in a consistent manner. Our team of highly skilled, committed and motivated professionals specialize in respective fields. We work in an informal environment with frequent training opportunities for our professionals as also a system to keep them updated with the latest developments. Client feedback is a key input to our performance appraisal system.

Name Qualification Years of Experience Job Profile
Mr. Vishwa Mitter Arora M. No. 085256 B.Com, FCA Since 1986 Sr. Managing Partner
Mr. Dinesh Kapur
M. No. 081158
B.Com, FCA Since 1995 Partner
Mr. Raghav Arora M.No. 536961 B.Com, ACA DISA Since 2015 Partner-Audit, Accounts & Taxes
Mr. Dhiraj Jain M.No. 527158 B. Com, FCA Since 2018 Partner
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